The TESF is open to ONLY private TOURISM enterprises and associations.

To receive support under the TESF, the entity must fulfill the following conditions:

1. Be duly registered as per the laws in Uganda
2. Shall have been operational for a minimum of two (2) years from the time of registration
3. Be privately owned and not partially or controlled by Government.
4. Shall be operating in the Tourism sector.
5. Meet all the requirements under the eligibility criteria

Eligible activities
1. Marketing
2. New Tourism Product Development
3. Adoption of new technologies

Ineligible Business activities
1. Production of alcohol, tobacco and weapons
2. Gambling
3. Capital and operational expenses

Grant Size The eligible enterprises may access a cumulative grant amount not exceeding USD 100,000 (Reads: United States dollars One hundred thousand only) during the project lifetime and subject to availability of funds.

The Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) now invites eligible enterprises to submit proposals requesting for support under the TESF.

How to apply
• Application and proposal guidelines are available on our website at
• Applications must be submitted online through the CEDP website.
• Hand delivered applications will NOT be allowed.

Entities may be disqualified from the process if among others they:
1) Mis-represent information
2) Are involved in lobbying and influence peddling
3) Are involved in acts of fraud and corruption
4) Are Non-compliant with environment and social practices

Please note:
1) You can only apply for one activity per call
2) Incomplete proposals will not be evaluated

For Inquiries, please contact:
The Business Advisor, Tourism
Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project (CEDP)
Private Sector Foundation Uganda
Plot 43 Nakasero Road
P.O Box 7683, Kampala, Uganda
Telephone:0312 214 659


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